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Leather Furniture Made in USA

Provost Leather Furniture
We only offer premium quality leather furniture made in America, handmade to your order. Includes free in-home white glove delivery directly from the North Carolina factory to your home within the continental USA, plus sales tax is not required by us.

You pay a little more for American made quality but you'll enjoy it for a lifetime. You'll be glad you did.
Leather is a natural material that exudes comfort, richness and natural beauty. Quality Leather furniture made in the USA provides family enjoyment for generations.

Versatility, quality craftsmanship, beauty and comfort are all provided from the leading premium makers of leather furniture. Relax in style with handmade leather furniture from Leathercraft Furniture, Classic Leather Furniture, and Comfort Design Leather Recliners.
Kavanaugh Leather Furniture
Morgan Leather Furniture
Our leather furniture is stylish and made with high quality craftsmanship. Each piece of leather furniture is naturally unique and professionally handcrafted for comfort and durability. Leathercraft, Classic Leather and Comfort Design are North Carolina premium makers of high quality leather furniture that is made in America.

Please call our knowledgeable staff with any questions or to learn more about the leather furniture made in the USA that is available today from our company Leather Furniture USA. Or call to make an appointment to visit our showroom in Royal Palm Beach FL.

Concord Leather Furniture

Leather Sofas Made in USA

Our specialty is providing you with high quality traditional, transitional and contemporary leather sofas made in USA from the best American leather furniture manufacturers at the lowest prices. All of our leather furniture is made in USA, right in North Carolina! We offer leather sofas, leather sectionals, leather sleeper sofas, leather chairs, leather recliners, tufted leather sofa and tufted leather loveseat. All of our leather furniture comes with FREE shipping, handling, in-home white glove delivery* and sales tax is NOT required by us. Leathercraft furniture, Classic Leather furniture and Comfort Design leather furniture includes free white glove in-home residential delivery within the continental USA. Call with questions, order over the phone, or visit our Royal Palm Beach Florida showroom. We will always provide you with outstanding furniture, Classic Leather furniture made in USA, plus dependable and friendly service.

Our handmade to your order leather furniture, which is made in America, ensures long lasting enjoyment for years and years. Our leather furniture makers exclusively use premium quality leather hides on their furniture. Only the top-grain of the leather is used which is the most beautiful and durable portion of the leather hide. Leather splits, bi-cast, bonded leathers, or vinyl are never used as they do not last or perform like top-grain leathers. We offer a wide selection of leather recliners made by Comfort Design, Leathercraft and Classic Leather furniture. Click here to see a variety of leather recliners made by Comfort Design: big man recliners, mission style leather recliner, leather recliners, red leather recliner and best leather recliners. All leather recliners are made using time tested methods for quality construction. These constructions methods combined with only the best materials available, ensures years of comfort, relaxation and durability. Each furniture item is made to your order specifications including the leather grade and color, hand-rubbed wood finish, cushioning, and individually hand applied nail head trim. The custom nature of your selections create a unique piece of furniture that you and your family may enjoy for generations. You will always enjoy your leather sofas made in USA.



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Leather Furniture
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Leather Furniture Made in USA